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Oman Travelling Guide
Oman Travelling Guide

General background: In 1970, QABOOS bin Said Al Said ousted his father and has ruled as sultan ever since. His extensive modernization program has opened the country to the outside world and has preserved a long-standing political and military relationship with the UK. Oman's moderate, independent foreign policy has sought to maintain good relations with all Middle Eastern countries.

Area comparative: Slightly smaller than Kansas.

Climate: Dry desert; hot, humid along coast; hot, dry interior; strong southwest summer monsoon (May to September) in far south.

Terrain: Central desert plain, rugged mountains in north and south.

Population: 2,713,462

Ethnic groups: Arab, Baluchi, South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi), African

Religions: Ibadhi Muslim 75%, Sunni Muslim, Shi'a Muslim, Hindu

Language: Arabic (official), English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialects

Government type: Monarchy

Capital: Muscat

Legal system: Based on English common law and Islamic law; ultimate appeal to the monarch; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction.

Economic overview: Oman's economic performance improved significantly in 2000 due largely to the upturn in oil prices. The government is moving ahead with privatisation of its utilities, the development of a body of commercial law to facilitate foreign investment, and increased budgetary outlays. Oman continues to liberalize its markets and joined the World Trade Organization (WTrO) in November 2000. GDP growth improved in 2001 despite the global slowdown.

Communication/Telephone system: Modern system consisting of open wire, microwave, and radiotelephone communication stations; limited coaxial cable.

Places of interest: Oman is slowly emerging from its shell, revealing a land of friendly people, dramatic landscapes and lots of forts.

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