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Morocco Travelling Guide
Morocco Travelling Guide

General background: The history of Morocco dates back to roughly 1200 BC. To skip several thousand years in an attempt to keep this as short a summary as possible, in 1961, King Mohamed V was succeeded by Crown Prince Hassan II who presented a new constitution. The first elected parliament assembled on 1963. The Green March, which took place in 1975, is the most important event in the Reign of Late Hassan II. 350.000 unarmed Moroccans marched south into the desert to reassert the sovereignty of the Sahara which was in the hands of the Spanish at that time. A movement called The polisario was formed by the help of Algeria and Libya to oppose Moroccan rule and to fight for self determination of the Sahrawi. Now, a process of identification for referendum is taking place in the south provinces of the Kingdom under the aegis of the United Nations.

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Population: 29 million

Ethnic groups: 55% Arab, 44% Berber, 0.7% foreigners

Religions: 98% Muslim, 1% Christian, 1% Jew

Language: Arabic (officially) with Berber dialects, as well as French, Spanish and English.

Government type: Constitutional monarchy

Capital: Rabat

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The country's prime produce is leather - said to be the softest in the world.

Travel tips: Travelers to Morocco should avoid political gatherings and demonstrations. Those planning to travel through the disputed territory of Western Sahara should note that armed clashes between the Polisano Front and Moroccan authorities are a possibility.