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Honduras Travelling Guide
Honduras Travelling Guide

General background: Part of Spain's vast empire in the New World, Honduras became an independent nation in 1821. After two and one-half decades of mostly military rule, a freely elected civilian government came to power in 1982. During the 1980s, Honduras proved a haven for anti-Sandinista contras fighting the Marxist Nicaraguan Government and an ally to Salvadoran Government forces fighting against leftist guerrillas.

Area comparative: Slightly larger than Tennessee

Climate: Subtropical in lowlands, temperate in mountains

Terrain: Mostly mountains in interior, narrow coastal plains

Population: 6,560,608

Ethnic groups: Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and European) 90%, Amerindian 7%, Black 2%, White 1%

Religions: Roman Catholic 97%, Protestant minority

Language: Spanish, Amerindian dialects

Government type: Democratic constitutional republic

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Legal system: Rooted in Roman and Spanish civil law with increasing influence of English common law; recent judicial reforms include abandoning Napoleonic legal codes in favour of the oral adversarial system; accepts ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations.

Economic overview: Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with an extraordinarily unequal distribution of income, is banking on expanded trade privileges under the Enhanced Caribbean Basin Initiative and on debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative. While the country has met most of its macroeconomic targets, it failed to meet the IMF's goals to liberalize its energy and telecommunications sectors. Growth remains dependent on the status of the US economy, its major trading partner, on commodity prices, particularly coffee, and on containment of the recent rise in crime.

Communication/Telephone system: Inadequate system.

Places of interest: The slow pace, natural beauty and low-profile tourism make it particularly appealing to travelers who enjoy getting off the beaten track.

Travel tips: Be well-armed with insect repellent. Incidents involving armed robbery, purse snatching and pick-pocketing have been on the rise. Travelers should steer clear of the El Rubi waterfall near Santa Rita de Copán, and exercise extreme caution in Tela, as there have been numerous reports of robberies, assaults and rapes in these areas.