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Gibraltar Travelling Guide
Gibraltar Travelling Guide

General background: Strategically important, Gibraltar was ceded to Great Britain by Spain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht; the British garrison was formally declared a colony in 1830. In a 1967 referendum, Gibraltarians ignored Spanish pressure and voted overwhelmingly to remain a British dependency. Spain and the UK are discussing the issue of Gibraltar and have set the goal of reaching an agreement by mid-2002.

Area comparative: About 11 times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC.

Climate: Mediterranean with mild winters and warm summers.

Terrain: A narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock of Gibraltar.

Population: 27,714 (July 2002 est.)

Ethnic groups: Spanish, Italian, English, Maltese, Portuguese

Religions: Roman Catholic 76.9%, Church of England 6.9%, Muslim 6.9%, Jewish 2.3%, none or other 7% (1991)

Language: English (used in schools and for official purposes), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

Government type: NA

Capital: Gibraltar

Legal system: English law

Economic overview: Gibraltar benefits from an extensive shipping trade, offshore banking, and its position as an international conference centre. The British military presence has been sharply reduced and now contributes about 11% to the local economy. The financial sector accounts for 20% of GDP; tourism (almost 6 million visitors in 1998), shipping services fees, and duties on consumer goods also generate revenue. In recent years, Gibraltar has seen major structural change from a public to a private sector economy, but changes in government spending still have a major impact on the level of employment.

Communication/Telephone system: Adequate, automatic domestic system and adequate international facilities.

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