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Dominican Republic Travelling Guide
Dominican Republic Travelling Guide

General background: A legacy of unsettled, mostly non-representative, rule for much of the 20th century was brought to an end in 1996 when free and open elections ushered in a new government.

Area comparative:
Slightly more than twice the size of New Hampshire

Climate: Tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall

Terrain: Rugged highlands and mountains with fertile valleys interspersed

Population: 8,721,594 (July 2002 est.)

Ethnic groups: White 16%, Black 11%, Mixed 73%

Religions: Roman Catholic 95%

Language: Spanish

Government type: Representative democracy

Capital: Santo Domingo

Legal system: Based on French civil codes

Economic overview: The Dominican economy experienced dramatic growth over the last decade, even though the economy was hit hard by Hurricane Georges in 1998. Although the country has long been viewed primarily as an exporter of sugar, coffee, and tobacco, in recent years the service sector has overtaken agriculture as the economy's largest employer, due to growth in tourism and free trade zones. The country suffers from marked income inequality; the poorest half of the population receives less than one-fifth of GNP, while the richest 10% enjoy 40% of national income. A US $500 million foreign bond issue in September 2001 will contribute to increased public investment spending.

Communication/Telephone system:
Relatively efficient system based on island wide microwave radio relay network

Places of interest:
The white-sand beaches, impressive mountain ranges veined with spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes teeming with exotic wildlife are just part of the Dominican Republic's appeal. Steer a small boat through endless mangrove forests in search of gentle manatees.

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