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Belarus Travelling Guide
Belarus Travelling Guide

General background: Belarus has been described as a flat, dull piece of land straddling the shortest route between Moscow and the Polish border. It's flat, alright, but dull is a little strong. Wide stretches of unbroken birch groves, vast forested marshlands and wooden villages amid rolling green and black fields give Belarus a haunting beauty.

Area comparative:


Terrain: Very flat

Population: 10.4 million

Ethnic groups: Belarusian (78%), Russian (13%), Ukrainian (4%), Polish (4%)

Religions: Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholic

Language: Belarusian, Russian

Government type:

Capital: Minsk

Legal system:

Economic overview:

Communication/Telephone system:

Places of interest: There's more to see in Belarus than you might suspect. Minsk is a cosmopolitan centre and a shining testament to Soviet urban planning. Brest is lively and hectic, Hrodna a cocktail of historical legacies and Polatsk a sleepy dowager reclining on the chaise longue of its former glories. All this, and not a tourist in sight.

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